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Josiah Brannon
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NASM)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Weight Loss Specialist (NASM)

Training the Brain: The Neuroscience of Aerobic Exercise (NASM)

Mental Toughness (NASM)

Guide to Bodybuilding (NASM)

USPA Powerlifter-Best Lifter Award

NPC Men’s Physique Bodybuilder

When you sign up for coaching and fill out the New Client Questionnaire, with in 24 hours I will send out your workout plan, diet guide, and cardio plan! Throughout the week you can message me any questions you have and get form advice on your lifts. I communicate with all my clients through WhatsApp. Each week you will fill out the “Weekly Client Questions” questionnaire. Based on the answers to the questions i’ll adjust your plan to make sure we keep progressing towards your goals. Look forward to working with you!

No matter if you want to lose weight and build a lean athletic body, increase your athleticism for a sport, bodybuild, or just increase your everyday functional fitness level Josiah Brannon a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer is here to help you accomplish your fitness goals! I use the scientifically proven OPT model to systematically and safely progress each client to help them accomplish their own unique goals. 

Why Do My Clients Get Results?

Each of my clients are required to fill out a questionnaire before we get started.  This allows me to understand the needs of each client. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, with a Corrective Exercise Specialization, USPA Power Lifter, and NPC Men’s Physique Bodybuilder I will use the knowledge i’ve gained to set up a program based on the OPT model which will enable you to get the best results towards your goals. I like to using the OPT model because it is a safe and efficient way to help you progress towards your goals while staying injury free. Goals cannot be accomplished if your injured, so it is my number one priority to help you stay injury free by helping you fix muscle imbalances and helping you learn proper exercise form. No matter if your goal is to lose fat or to gain muscle I will use NASM scientifically proven techniques and adjust the acute variables to help you get there.
It is important to understand that putting on muscle and losing fat can happen, but is very difficult. For this reason it is often better to focus on one or the other.
I will also help you set SMART goals. These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. By setting SMART goals we will be able to see consistent progress over time. Which will then lead to being able to set up greater and more difficult goals.
Finally I will help educate you on safe and effective diet, weight loss, and nutritional methods. Weight loss will result if you burn more calories than you eat and weight gain will result if you eat more calories than you burn. Knowing this I will educate you on calorie intake and macronutrient split.  At the end of the day it is up to YOU to choose how often you want to work out. I will then send you a pre-built program to work around that. However, I would recommend training at least 3-5 times a week for the best results.

Why Should I get into Fitness?

“Fitness is more than just working out. It is an investment into your future.” First, it is scientifically proven that exercise makes you happier. It decreases the feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress by  increasing the brains sensitivity to serotonin and norepinephrine. These are hormones that relieve the feelings of depression. Exercise also increases endorphins and mental awareness. Second, it helps with weight loss. Being overweight (BMI between 25-29.9) or obese (BMI 30 or greater) is associated with many health risks. It increases the chances of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, pregnancy complications, and some types of cancer. All of this leads to a shortened life expectancy and a decreased quality of life. Third, it increases your confidence. No matter if you are thin or overweight, exercise and weight lifting will increase your self-esteem as you see your body transform. This increase in self-esteem will allow you to have more confidence to interact with the people around you which will then lead to greater success in your relationships and career. Fourth, it is great for your bones and muscle. Working out will help to strengthen your muscles, which will then make every day task easier. Another added benefit of working out is that it will increase bone density. It is important to have dense bones especially as you age, to help prevent broken bones and osteoporosis. So working out now can help you have a healthier future as you get older. Fifth, and finally working out correctly will help prevent injuries and help you sleep better.  When muscles are weak it leads to unstable joints and improper movement patterns, which then leads to injury. By using NASM’s strength training techniques and fitness assessments I can help you recognize your weak points. This will allow us to strengthen your weak points so that we can get proper movement patterns back, which will then limit your chance of injury. Finally, it has been shown in a study that working out only 150 minutes a week can cause a 65% increase in sleep quality.

Click here to schedule a FREE Fitness Assessment:

(This is a free fitness assessment for those who may be interested in signing up for online coaching! It is 30 Minutes long and NASM Certified Personal Trainer Josiah Brannon will run you through some basic fitness assessments and discuss your fitness goals with you.)

What You Will Get

It is my goal to be able to help you start or continue your fitness journey. Below I have included what I will provide when you hire me as an Online Personal Trainer. As a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer with many years of experience in the sports and fitness community I have the knowledge and skills to be able to help you accomplish your fitness goals and get your ultimate physique.


What you will get:

  • A pre-built workout plan, Diet Guide, & Cardio Guide designed to help you reach your goals.
    • It will be based on the scientifically proven OPT model.
    • The plan will be based on the amount of days you want to workout.
    • I will adjust the acute variable to help you maximize your effort in the gym.
    • The workouts can be updated every 3 months as you progress and as your goals change, so that we can keep you progressing.
    • I will also have you check in weekly on my website to track changes in your weight, cardio,  diet, and progress photos, etc and we will discuss the check in via “whatsapp” and adjust things as needed to help you to continue to progress. 
    • Access to a Exclusive Video Library illustrating proper exercise form.
  • Support—unlimited txt messaging with NASM Certified Personal Trainer Josiah Brannon
    • Weekly Diet Guide Adjustments if needed, to help you to continue to gain or lose weight.
    • Send me videos of you doing an exercise and I will analyze video of your form and provide feedback on how to better perform the exercise.
    • Nutritional Education

What to Expect from Online Personal Training

After you pay for the Online Coaching I will send you  an email confirming payment and which also includes the instructions on how to fill out the new client liability form, client health questionnaire, and history questionnaire. I will need you fill these out.

Once I have reviewed the information I will contact you by email and “whatsapp” to send you your program and diet guide.  Each week you will check in via “whatsapp” with your weight, cardio, progress photos, and diet so that I can make adjustments as needed to help you to continue to progress.

All Online Training Sessions Purchased for the month will start from the date that we first meet and go over the assessment. Each additional month you purchase will follow in succession from that first date. (Example: If you purchase 3 months of online coaching on June 2, 2019…you can’t train for a month then take 2 months off and still expect to have 2 month of online coaching to use. The three months of online coaching has to be used at once in back to back months so it would expire on September 2, 2019. If you don’t use it you lose it. No refunds) 

I look forward to working with you and being able to help you accomplish your goals! If you have any questions feel free to contact me

NEW Clients will need to Fill Out and Review Our:

NEW Client Questionnaire

Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Additional information

Months of Online Coaching

1 Month, 12 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months

16 reviews for Online Coaching: Josiah Brannon

  1. Daniel B.

    I first stumbled upon Josiah and Mile High Muscle a few years ago and decided why not? I’ve been working out myself for a while but felt that I needed something extra to push me to the next level. Josiah and his training was exactly what I needed! Working with Josiah online, I saw improvements I haven’t seen in a long time in a pretty short time period! His style of training, friendly demeanor, and ability to adjust the program on the file made the experience very easy to jump into which got me excited about training again!

  2. Abdel Rahman Hasbini

    I’ve been working out for a while, but I always felt that something could be done more efficiently in order to see more progress.
    So I took the decision to take it to the next level. Josiah’s workout plan/ nutrition guide was more than enough.
    All the workout plan are suitable for your goals and lifestyle. Josiah was always available for any concern, the workout plan was always flexible to suit my needs and lifestyle. Everything was well structured from the nutrition guide to the workout plan. Having a weekly check-in with Josiah always motivated me to push more, in order to see results in the upcoming week.
    Having someone who is always ready to help and listen to your concern is definitely a game changer while working out!

  3. Cameron beasock

    Awesome coach I did bodybuilding and not much powerlifting but he put me on a routine and we watched my lifts skyrocket. Great guy always responds to questions definitely recommend!

  4. Alexander Crawford

    I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer and have participated in a variety of fitness programs. Josiah’s coaching, workout plans, and fitness guides are some of the best in the industry. He personalizes everything to fit your needs. I have seen greater progress towards my fitness goals with his coaching than I’ve experienced anywhere else. He is always ready to answer any questions you have and the weekly check-ins will keep you motivated and on track. I highly recommend his coaching for anyone looking to take their fitness journey to the next level.

  5. Crystopher Trujillo

    Glad to be able to try the free trial and be coached by Josiah! Not every week was a 10/10 for me, but Josiah would always encourage and motivate to improve on the next week. Josiah was ready to help in whatever areas I needed guidance on, whether it was form during workouts, or adjusting my diet based on my daily work schedule. Whether each week was a success or failure, Josiah adjusted accordingly for the next week. For context as well, Josiah was able to coach me even though I’m living in Florida, which shows Josiah’s ability to coach personally, wherever you may be. Thanks Josiah for being a great coach and letting me try this trial month!

  6. codyrubysinn

    What a wonderful program this has been. Cut 13 LBS in 1 month with The work out plan and meal guide. He has always responded promptly and always had a answer for my questions and concerns. Very Knowledgeable in all aspects of his products and training.

  7. Jonathan Hellermann

    Best experience I ever had with a personal trainer; Josiah is very knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and very invested in helping you meet your goals. I feel Josiahs character and commitment to what he does has caused me to become very motivated to reach my goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone at any level of fitness as he is able to meet you where you’re at.

  8. Joshua Ohashi

    Very good knowledge in supplements and nutrition. Diet was more flexible than other diets that I’ve had in the past. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a coach who’s knowledgeable.

  9. Luke

    Josiah is very knowledgeable in anything fitness. His workout programs are very well structured, and not only are the workouts themselves well thought through, but his formatting of the documents is very easy to follow and is very aesthetically pleasing. Josiah is also very motivational. He won’t let you slack, but he also is understanding and will work with you to overcome the challenges you may face along your fitness journey. One thing that helps Josiah work with you through challenges is that he’s faced them himself. He’s faced injuries and obstacles in his own career, and he has overcome them and taken his own fitness to an incredible level. There’s no doubt in my mind that if you choose to work with Josiah, he’ll help you achieve the same type of success in your own personal fitness goals that he himself has achieved in his. In my opinion, he’s one of the best trainers in the industry.

  10. Kevin Clark

    Josiah took a chance on me. I’ve known him for a while now, but I had no idea of his knowledge and his ability to actually listen and personalize a program to fit my needs.
    I had recently gone through a procedure called a laproscopic ileostomy. This caused me to have very special needs nutrition wise and physically. Josiah stepped up to the challenge perfectly! The real problem was me. He did everything I needed, but I didn’t. I won’t ever regret working with Josiah. He is a stand up guy, with incredible knowledge and his personality was built for this line of work! I highly recommend him and his services!
    I’m thoroughly impressed! I’m convinced if I had stuck with him longer and better I would be fit like I wanted to be.

    Thanks Josiah!

  11. Marcus

    Bro this guy is legendary like seriously he’s very professional with what he does as a person trainer and his cardio and workout sessions are intense I love it!!! Overall best experience working with this man by far

  12. Brandon

    I Met Josiah through a motile forked on social media, they told me to give this guy a chance as a coach. I have been fat/husky my whole life until last year after a series of unfortunate events I found the motivation to get into shape. I was living my best life until I tore my right pectoral completely off the bone and had surgery in February. I had to start over as I lost a lot of muscle. Josiah is very patient and knowledgeable, he has legit helped me bounce back and stay lean, strong, and muscular through this whole journey of reconstruction. He gave me the confidence to commit to doing my first show. Josiah is always encouraging and attentive, he never makes you feel dumb and honestly he pushes me past my comfort zone in the gym. He has me trusting the process and I’m excited to go forward with him .

  13. SLowry23

    Josiah is one of the hardest-working, most disciplined individuals I’ve met. He provides a wealth of knowledge, and is very attentive to each and every one of his clients. It’s been nothing but a positive experience being able to work with him, and have him help guide me with my health and fitness goals. He answers every question, offers solutions, and holds me accountable. Keep it up man, you’re doing an outstanding job and thank you.

  14. Lisa Hellermann

    I met Josiah through my son who is in the Airforce and a client. As a female in my mid 50s who has tried every diet plan and fitness routine to get back into shape (I was once very into fitness, always at the gym), I had a hard time getting back into shape after so many years as well as finding something that works. I now have age, hormones and back issues against me. Josiah was the answer. At first I thought I would be an “inappropriate” client since I’m just looking for results in terms of better health and being within my healthy weight range with some muscle tone, not competition material. Josiah came through. He quickly understood my needs and gave me a diet plan and workout routine that was not only appropriate but yielded results. He’s very interactive, pleasant, knowledgeable, well priced, fair and not afraid to push you. He’s a real coach, not a cookie cutter online, one size fits all. You get real personalized coaching and no matter the age, health status or goals, you will get what you need. Again, for me, I truly respect a confident coach who can “push” someone who is old enough to be his mother. I feel lucky to have him as a coach! What a find! What a gem!!

  15. Caden Schisel

    great guy helped me improve all around, great prices, this guy knows his stuff yet so down to earth still! loved working with him!’

  16. Jason Linahan

    Josiah was a huge help in my workout plan. I own my own business and have a hard time fitting the gym and meal plans into my busy schedule. Josiah helped me develop different workout plans and meal plans to fit my busy schedule. Even when my schedule would change, he would start from scratch and create a whole new plan whenever needed. He was very well prepared for every scenario including how to stay on track during travel, gym closures, etc.

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