BMBS Phase 1


  • GREAT Beginner Program
  • Scientifically Based
  • 3-5 Workouts Per Week
  • 1-3 Month Program
  • Mobility Stretching Exercises
  • Basic Nutrition Guide
  • Downloadable Program
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Josiah Brannon’s Transformation using this Program.

Started at 168lbs and ended at 185lbs

About the Program

This program is designed to be done 3-5 days a week Monday-Friday. I’m a strong believer in having weekends off to recover and to be able to enjoy living life. The workouts are divided up into upper body days and then leg days. On top of that core and cardio will be implemented into each of the workouts throughout the week. If you decide to do a 5 day split Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are upper body days. Tuesday and Thursday are your leg days. However, for beginners I would recommend starting off with a 3 day split, where Monday and Friday are upper body days and Wednesday is leg day.

What Does B.M.B.S Stand for?

B.M.B.S stands for “Big Mouth Bass Squad”. This is a term that my friend Gunner coined for a group of us who worked out together at college.  The reason it stuck is because of the meaning behind it. Largemouth Bass throughout their whole lives are constantly growing. They never stop growing. In order to survive they have to eat smaller fish in their pond so that they can become the biggest fish the pond. In a way this describes our journey through fitness. We were a group of guys who started out as the smallest fish in the pond, but with some hard work we were quickly growing and quickly becoming some of the biggest fish (or guys) in the gym. Just like for the Largemouth bass the journey to get bigger never stops, we too are on a never-ending journey to get bigger in the gym. Finally, being a “Big Mouth Bass” takes humility with a never quit mentality to getting bigger, because just when you think you are the biggest fish in the pond, “There is always a bigger fish”. The goal is not to constantly be comparing yourself to others, but to compare yourself to where you were 1 year ago, 3 months ago, or even 1 week ago. Each time you compare yourself to your older self the goal is to see improvements to getting your ultimate physique. Once you start this workout program you will always be a part of the “Big Mouth Bass Squad”. Welcome to the family!

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