Fire Fit


  • 4 Unique Workouts 
    • Chest, Shoulders/Back, Legs, Arms
  • Basic Nutrition Guide
  • Downloadable Program
  • Lift Index
  • 1-3 Month Long Program
    • `Designed by Luke Brannon
    • Transform your body
    • Use it to help you prepare you for your Firefighter Fitness Test


Luke Brannon
B.S. Liberal Arts – Biblical Studies (Writer and Researcher)
Luke Brannon is our company writer and researcher. He has over 8 years of athletic and lifting experience. He ran track at LeTourneau University and later switched sports and became the Captain of the LETU Rugby Team. Luke’s rugby experience surrounded him with many teammates who pushed him and helped him in the weight room. Currently he is pursuing a career in firefighting and creates his workout plans in a way that will prepare him for the requirements of the job.

About the Program:

The FireFit Series is designed for those who live a busy, productive lifestyle who also desire to build a healthy, strong, and explosive body. The FireFit Series is a weekly workout plan that is designed to hit every major muscle group. There are 4 main workout categories: chest, shoulder/back, legs, and arms. For each workout, lifts have been selected to best overload each muscle group. The Lift Index at the back of this workbook describes the proper form and benefits of many of the lifts. The lifts selected are not necessarily meant to be unchangeable for every single workout, but they are meant to give a good structure off of which to base your workout. Some of the lifts (usually the compound lifts) are more fundamental to the workout than some of the isolation lifts. The exact lift selection can be modified by each individual in order to hit muscles that need more work. For advice on what lifts to add, see the Lift Index  in the back or contact the JB Fitness staff.

The 4 workout format is designed to be a comprehensive workout plan for people who have limited time in the gym. The 4 workouts should be completed within in the week. The workouts do not have to be done in a specific order or on a specific day, but once the order is established it is advisable to continue with that order so that each muscle group is worked consistently. Also, more than 4 workouts can be completed within the week, but it is advised that the order of the workouts remain the same.

The key to success with the FireFit Series is dedication, hard work, and consistency!

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