Labrum Recovery Plan


  • 4-6 Month Workout Plan
    • Designed to help you safely recover from Torn Labrum Surgery.
    • Focused on building and stretching specific muslcles to help prevent future injuries.
    • Follows linear progression.
    • Evaluations at the end of each month to help you determine if it is safe to progess.
  • Includes a basic “Nutritional Guide”
  • Includes an “Ab Workout List” 
  • Includes a “Mobility Stretches Guide”
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Several years ago I suffered a torn labrum in my shoulder while playing basketball. It was very frusterating as I had progressed a lot in the gym. The tear required me to have surgery in order to properly revover. It was during this time while in a sling and not being able to workout that I became a certified personal trainer and started to research and understand how the body functioned.

Once cleared by the doctors it was my goal to be able to recover from this labrum tear safely and effectively. So I designed my own labrum recovery protical with some guidance from doctors. Needless to say my protical worked perfectly. I was able to make a full recovery. In only 6 months I was back in the gym, lifting heaver than I ever had before, and was pain free.

Since then it has been my goal to encourage others to be able to get through this challenging obsticle of having a torn labrum. This is the workout plan that I used to recover! Just because it worked for me and several of my clients doesn’t mean it is the best option for you. (Please consult your doctor and get medical clearance before attempting this program.) 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! God Bless, and wishing you a speedy and safe recovery!

Who is “Josiah Brannon”?

Josiah Brannon NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 

Josiah Brannon is an National Academy of Sports Medicine
(NASM) Certified Personal Trainer with a Corrective Exercise Specialist certification who has experience in helping clients improve their Sports Performance, Everyday Functional Fitness, and Bodybuilding. He also competes in USPA Drug Tested Powerlifting & NPC Men’s Physique. He is not only passionate about Fitness, but he promotes living life to the fullest mentally, physically, and spiritually. Read More