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I have been stuck at about 206 pounds or above for many years.  Yes, like many of you, I have tried many crazy and bizarre diet plans that pronounce “curses” on certain categories of foods and “blessings” on other foods as if they dropped down from heaven itself.  Using fade diets, I have lost up to 17 lbs very fast…but also regained those some 17 lbs equally fast.  One diet that “really worked” for me instructed me to eat no sugars, no fats or no salts.  Yuck!  But, I lost weight lightning fast and … you guessed it … I gained all the weight back in a heartbeat! 

Then enters JB Fitness into my 10-year battle to lose weight.  The owner of JB Fitness, Josiah Brannon, is my son.  He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified Personal Trainer with a proven tract-record for helping his clients with diet and strength training (read the review at the website below).  After watching his success with other clients, I decided to hire him to be my Personal Fitness trainer with a very precise goal:  I wanted to lose 16 lbs down to 190 lbs in order to handle the rigors on my new job. 

Josiah spend a lot of time interviewing me, and doing scientific calculations on my body type, age and lifestyle.  I soon realized that Josiah is not into gimmicks, fades nor quick fixes with regard to fitness.  Josiah’s main doctrine is CHANGING DAILY HABITS which result in a new healthy lifestyle. I also realized that delegating the control of my fitness plan to Josiah increased the chances of success since I would no longer be in control of my calorie intake and calorie burning output.  

To my amazement, Josiah did not “curse, nor bless” any specific foods like all of my other diet gurus did, but rather, he simply calculated a reasonable calorie intake and then also assigned me with an acceptable weekly cardio-exercise.  I could eat absolutely ANYTHING that I wanted to eat!  I just needed to use the excellent “MY FITNESS PAL” app to keep track of calorie intake and cardio calorie burning.  Josiah set the bar at losing ½ to 1 pound per week. 

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It took me about 6 months to reach my goal of losing 16 pounds down to my goal weight of 190 lbs.  Josiah’s goal was not rapid weight loss, but rather real change of bad habits and health living resulting in long-term weight loss.  I found Josiah to be a clever and wise strategist each time I was struggling to break bad habits.  He even discovered that I was living in a severely dehydrated state!  He progressively increased my water intake from about 7 cups up to 13 cups per day!  This one discovery has increased my energy and curbed my appetite because I am now properly hydrating each day.  Although Josiah is a tough guy with a mentality of a sports coach, I found him to be very compassionate and reasonable whenever I struggled to meet my weekly goals. 

If you want the hype of a fast “flash-bang” weight-loss program using a system of juggling various food types with extreme and abrupt changes to your diet, then Josiah is not your man, but if you are looking for incremental, steady, successful and sustainable weight-loss rooted in a change of habits and lifestyle to reach your goals, then consider hiring Josiah Brannon of JB Fitness.  He assumes that you will be fully committed to your health, and he promises his full commitment as well to your success.  Josiah has the skills and character to help you “slay the giants” that continually stand between you and your weight-loss goals.  You can hire him here!

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