It took me about 6 months to reach my goal of losing 16 pounds down to my goal weight of 190 lbs. Josiah’s goal was not rapid weight loss, but rather real change of bad habits and healthy living resulting in long-term weight loss.  I found Josiah to be a clever and wise strategist each time I was struggling to break bad habits.  He even discovered that I was living in a severely dehydrated state!  He progressively increased my water intake from about 7 cups up to 13 cups per day!  This one discovery has increased my energy and curbed my appetite because I am now properly hydrating each day.  Although Josiah is a tough guy with a mentality of a sports coach, I found him to be very compassionate and reasonable whenever I struggled to meet my weekly goals. “-Rob (Read More)

We have worked together for the last 3 months with the purpose of helping them tone up for their beach vacation coming up next week! They have worked extremely hard with 3 workouts a week and have seen much improvement on their form and muscular endurance while toning up! It truly has been a pleasure working with Shanna & Sarah and I am very proud of their improvement since we started working together!