Mile High Club Home Page

Step 1:

Weight Tracker: (Each week on Friday, weigh yourself in the morning after using the restroom but before you have eaten or drank water for the day. This will be your weight for the week. Track this weight in the “Weight Tracker” which will record your weight and show trends over time. Then move on to “Step 2” where you answer questions which will help you determin if you need to make adjustments to the diet, cardio, or workout plan so that you can keep progressing toward your goals.)

Step 2:

Check-In Adjustments Quiz: (After filling out the “Weight Tracker”, you will then take the “Check-In Adjustments Quiz”. There are 3 different quizzes to choose from (Lean Bulking, Maintenance, Weight Loss). By answering the questions on the quiz, the system will then be able to tell you what adjustments you need to make to your diet or cardio plan so that you keep progressing towards your goals.)